10 Benefits of hiring a Virtual assistant over a full-time employee

Virtual Assistant

The hiring of virtual assistants is more flexible than a full-time PA in businesses. Virtual assistants are professionals who assist businesses with technical and administrative tasks. When your business venture is still fledgling and entering into fierce competition, you cannot spare enough free hours in a day. In this situation, little knowledge of things and spending your days juggling entrepreneurial duties with administrative errands can create a lot of stress.

When your business is thriving, you require a little more extra set of hands, at that moment hiring a virtual assistant is a must.

According to a job profile, a virtual assistant is to perform a wide variety of mundane tasks, thus giving you the liberty to focus on the core job of running your business. In present times, more workers prefer to work remotely, in that situation you need to manage a phone, computer, Zoom, or another video conferencing software only for your virtual assistant.

There’s never been an appropriate moment to hire a virtual assistant, and here is a list of 10 reasons compiled on why it is important.

1. Increase Efficiency

Outsourcing a virtual assistant is certainly more productive than a nine-to-fiver because they are only focused on the tasks that you assign to them. They can work according to their own time without any office distractions or experiencing daily a state of 8-hour day inactivity.

The best thing about virtual assistants is that they instantly absorb your painstakingly gathered wisdom. They can do precisely according to your needs like how you want your emails replies, your ticket booking, or managing your social media handle. Therefore, you are left with an abundance of time, which you can completely utilize for your business growth.

2. No More Hefty Salaries

The perks of having a full-time employee have already been ingrained in the industry’s foundations. However, they come with a huge baggage of costs. You will have to contribute to NI, workplace consumables, pensions, healthcare, and a whole lot of other expenses. Apart from that, just assume that you hire an employee to take care of all administrative tasks, but that person is not skilled for writing copy, social media, or research.

On the other hand, outsourcing a virtual assistant is going to utilize your expenses efficiently, because you have to pay a monthly fee rather than an annual wage. Finally, you will gain a lower and long-term commitment and low risk.

3. Pay According to Working Hours

If you hire full-time employees for your company, you have to take care to pay their salary along with sick leave, CL, Ml, etc., even for those days when they never work. But Virtual assistants will ask for fair pay only for the hours they work, so the businessmen can be able to spend money economically. Moreover, the physical employees are available for 8-9 hours, whereas the virtual assistants are available 24/7.

You need to pay for 1 hour only if a virtual assistant takes 1 hour to prepare your next meeting minutes. Before you realize it, your virtual assistant is completing more administrative tasks for you at a much lower cost!

4.Exponential Business Growth

If your startup is on the track of expansion, where you are struggling whether to expand with more employees, then hiring virtual assistants might give you a way to enlarge. Moreover, excluding the operational risks of taking on new, full-time employees.

The entrepreneurs possess many strategic ideas, which lead to the successful development of the business, with maximum profits. With the expansion of business, they might require some helping hands who will offer more innovative business plans which will take your business to the next level.

Virtual assistants are one of the best options as your helping hands, who will become part of your business ideas and provide innovative and brilliant business tactics. Thus, after hiring the best virtual assistant, it is completely up to the business owners to share the vision, mission, and ethics of business, with the virtual assistants, to promote the development of the business.

5. No Stressful Work

Visualize a picture in which the business owners need to administer all the tasks by themselves. Later, what happens is they will find work pressure, which will result in less productivity in business solutions. Most small business owners spend the day stressed out, shouldering the duties of running a business. When you get some help from the best virtual assistants, you can rest assured an expert is taking care of things for you.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you can weed out non-essential activities from your to-do list and reduce your stress level in the process. However, having a reliable and best virtual assistant to whom you can delegate some of your team’s duties will keep you serene and productive.

6. Virtual Assistants are not High Maintenance

Hiring a full-time resource comes with a mountain of expenses that go beyond a fixed salary- health insurance, and other employee benefits. Just because your virtual assistant is an independent contractor, all you require to shell out is the agreed-upon compensation typically an hourly fee. Whereas you do have to maintain an amicable working relationship with your virtual assistant, you do not have to take them to fancy restaurants for lunches and dinners and other office parties. You have to concentrate on keeping things completely professional. Therefore, virtual assistants work remotely and mostly communicate with you strictly on work-related updates and queries.

7. Access to a Variety of Skills

Even though there are no specific educational requirements to become a virtual assistant, many of them have upgraded their paradigm with the kind of skill sets. The word “assistant” is not only about face value. Virtual assistants are trained in specialized skills with an experience like managing social media, copywriting, transcription, email writing, etc. A virtual assistant can be tech-savvy, having a massive range of computer skills and a prominent level of proficiency with commonly used software and business programs. The majority of virtual assistants specializing in bookkeeping are adept at basic accounting tasks, such as account reconciliations and double-entry booking.

No matter the task you want to be performed, you will find an experienced virtual assistant to take it on. Whether it is general administration, travel planning, in-depth research, or client interaction, most of the virtual assistants hold a versatile skill set that you can utilize.

8. Content Creation

Many businesses highly consider planning, implementing, and maintaining relevant websites, articles, digital media, and other modes to connect with your target audience. When you hire a virtual assistant, many tasks can be executed brilliantly like content creation, conducting extensive research, and generating appealing text, which can eventually attract more potential customers’ attention to your product or service.

9. More Strength in the Core Business Area

After outsourcing a virtual assistant, all activities of daily routines should be taken care of by them. Then you get the chance to prioritize the critical areas of business, such as product or service design and amendments, effective delivery, customer relationship building, and increasing competitiveness. The regular counselling from Work4you has made many businesses improve their expertise. 

10. Work-life Balance

When business owners struggle with daily activities which are so time-consuming, you leave behind a lot of things while establishing a business. When you have already started your business, leave all day-to-day activities for the virtual assistants and you can resume your personal life while spending a good time with your family. You can experience the complete process of watching your kids grow.