7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Being Found On Google.

Digital Marketing

“Let’s Google” is often the answer we give to ourselves whenever finding a solution to a question. Suppose you are seeking a realtor near you. Will you be searching on the streets or simply Google the top realtors in your area or city? Now, think from the other side. You are a realtor with no presence on Google. How will people find you? How will you even appear in the search results? Well, this is where the role of Google comes. In order to catch the sight of the searchers, you need to have a website that is highly searchable with a good SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing will facilitate your website to appear in the top 10 results. This is how your site will be on the first page and will have a high chance of getting more traffic. Do not underestimate the power of distinct factors like speed of the site, bounce rate, etc. when it comes to making your website reserve that top place. Timely changes in SEO strategies and keeping an eye on a host of factors can help your website maintain its place on the first page. This positioning of the website further contributes immensely to getting more traffic and enhancing the business’s authenticity. So, if your website is not being found on Google, then you should buckle up and go in-depth to find the reason behind it. 

Some Common Reasons Your Website is Not Searchable

1. Too new website – Google takes time to recognize new websites, and you need to be a little patient. Yes, Google will find you, and then it will proceed towards the process of getting discovered. You can also check whether Google knows about your website’s existence by searching – site:your website.com. If there is one result, then Google has already found your website otherwise you have to wait further. You can also consider taking the help of a sitemap that can tell Google about your important web pages. So, wait up if you have just entered the world of sites by getting it developed by a website developer. Google will take some time to get to know your site and it will get indexed eventually.

2. Stopping Google from indexing – Yes, you can block search engines to index your web pages. If you use the “no index” meta tag, then that page will not be indexed. You cannot achieve any searches without indexing. You could check with your web developer if they added this meta tag and forgot to remove it. They apply it to stop Google from indexing when the website is under construction. So, remove all those “no index” tags from your website if you wish them to appear in the searches. Also, note that Google cannot crawl through the robots.txt file. So, if your website has this, make sure to get it removed ASAP. 

3. Website is not optimized – Optimizing the website is very crucial and for that, you definitely need the assistance of a pro SEO service provider. No matter how relevant your web content is and how great the site design is, it will not be helpful without optimization. On-page SEO plays an important role in your website’s worthiness and proves its authenticity. This is one of the important criteria that you must fulfil to appear on the search engines.

4. Using high-volume keywords – Highly competitive keywords will make it difficult for your website to achieve rank. In some cases, your website will not rank no matter how much effort you put into it. This happens when the same keyword is used by numerous competitors. Let’s understand this with an example. If you have a restaurant in a location full of restaurants that serve the same cuisine yours, then it will be difficult for your business to keep its keywords game strong. Try using less competitive keywords and you can uplift your search game like a pro. 

5. Website has a penalty- Another reason why your website doesn’t appear in the search results would be the penalty. Yes, Google can penalize your website, domain, or page. There can be various causes of this penalty, and the most prominent one is the duplication of content. You may also witness a sudden decrease in the number of visitors to your site due to sandboxing by Google. So, always try to stay updated with the changing algorithms of Google and keep up with every change from time to time. 

6. You might be facing inherited issues- Your domain must be having some past. Yes, it must be associated with some other website before you get it registered under your name. That website owner did some tricky internet marketing business that took away the authenticity of the domain. Now you must have to file a reconsideration request to Google to get your website indexed. So, stop writing good content and working on on-page SEO before you fix this issue, as all your efforts will go in vain. 

7. Slow website is not preferred- Google doesn’t want to put further slow websites. So, your site ought to be fast. Not just Google wants speed, but your visitors demand a fast loading website too. Imagine who will wait a minute for a website to load! They will simply switch to the site’s competitors instead of waiting. If your website has loading time issues, then consider fixing them immediately. 

Internet marketing, SEO, or any other online growth tactic will work when your website is properly developed. So, your first step should be to get the assistance of a reliable web developer and designer. Once it is done, you need to get help to remove all the technical issues that are creating hindrances to the success of your website. If you are still in confusion about the best facilitation, then simply choose Work4You. Their experts will guide you and make your website search game strong.