8 Tips To Do More With Your Workday – Maximize Your Productivity With A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

If you are one of those companies that are looking to hire a virtual assistant to streamline their work and make their operations more productive, you are in the right place. Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D simulations are becoming bigger as we speak. These advancements have given rise to several products and services and one such achievement is the ability to incorporate virtual assistants into your business teams seamlessly.

It’s as if they are right there but not really. Confusing? Let’s talk.

Several businesses around us are operational at the moment only because they have invested in the right virtual assistants in Australia. If you want to know what they are, read on and find out.

What Is A Virtual Remote Assistant?

This assistant is a human being, of course, assisting you every step of the way but working from a remote location.  He or she is an experienced person that can guide your customers to the solutions they are looking for. A VA is also capable of assisting your business associates and several stakeholders at the same time from a remote location.

There are a lot of things that this individual is capable of doing including but not limited to:

  • Preparing various reports, graphs, and studies for your different departments
  • Managing all your calendars and appointments
  • Helping you in closing your hiring procedures
  • Assisting with marketing tasks and several promotional activities
  • Social media management and online reputation management

The list is practically inexhaustible and you will be surprised just how efficient and productive these professionals can be.

Why Do You Need Help From A Virtual Assistant In The First Place?

To answer this question, let’s have a look at a few stats.

  • Around 44% of businesses today fail because of incompetence
  • Close to 30% of businesses in the country are not able to taste success because there is little to no managerial experience
  • Around 11% of companies today fail because they do not have any experience

There are numerous areas where several businesses fail to achieve competence and expertise. This is where outsourcing steps in and remote virtual assistance take the lead.

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant In Australia? Because You Get…

1. More Experience

a VA specialises in a particular area of your business. They have the ability to perform certain tasks with a noticeable flair that you might not be able to display when performing those tasks yourself. This is where their experience makes a huge difference in your company’s operations.

2. No Physical Resources Needed

Because this assistant is going to be located elsewhere, you don’t have to invest time, money, resources, or any of your skills to enable them in any way.

3. Saves You Time And Money

As pointed out earlier, it saves you a lot of time and there is no need to carry out a lengthy recruitment and interview process either. These are usually contract workers that can be employed to perform almost all of the functions of a typical full-time employee.

4. Increases Productivity

All this leads to increased productivity in your organisation. Your customers are going to receive timely responses. All their queries and inquiries will be answered immediately. Your associates and partners will be well informed about any latest development in your organisation. You will be kept abreast of the latest trends in the market and what your competitors are up to, always.

5. Reduction In Employee-Related Expenses

As a business owner, reducing costs must always be on your mind. You already know that building a team can be very expensive. It costs your business a lot in terms of time, effort, resources, electricity, internet, and a lot more. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can reduce your cost significantly. Letting them handle some of the most critical responsibilities without putting a strain on your in-house resources is a clever move. You will be reducing several of your employee-related expenses drastically by performing this one little step.

6. Employee Benefits, What Employee Benefits?

Is it possible? Can you really say goodbye to all the employee benefits that you have been paying up until now? Yes, it is. A VA lets you do that because he or she is not going to ask you for any gratuity or pension. They are also not going to ask you for any overtime or extra wages. All of this is just not in their contract. This means that you can get your work done at a fraction of the expense that you may have incurred when working with a full-time employee. Now, isn’t that fantastic?

7. Give Your Core Business Functions More Attention

There are certain core functions that you perform in your organisation. There are certain operations on which your business thrives. You can focus on those areas and prioritise accordingly. For example, you can concentrate your resources on creating the most user-friendly product design and improving upon its various elements, which has been pending for the last six months. Similarly, being able to answer the many queries of your customers and addressing their pain points could also be one of the areas that you may be handling. You can focus your attention on that as well. Hiring a VA helps take away all your distractions and enables you to focus on more essential operations.

8. Focus More On Profitability

The biggest metric of a business and its success is the amount of profit that it earns at the end of the year. That profit is the biggest factor that keeps you motivated. By having your short-term and long-term profitability margins and targets in clear view, you can focus on creating a business strategy and growth plan more efficiently. You can work towards achieving the same without having to worry about any other tasks and functions that can be handed over to your team of VAs.

Key Takeaways

Nobody is saying that your VAs can prove to be a perfect substitute for your in-house team members. But you can ensure without fail that your business records more sales, better profit margins, higher employee retention rate, better growth, and a healthy competitive environment, all if you hire a virtual assistant at the right time. What more do you want?