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5 Must-have SEO Automation Tools and Their Benefits

A rigorous digital marketing process that works on a collaboration of tools and software to organize specific SEO tasks is called SEO automation. This process is meant to decrease the amount of manual work which is necessary for SEO campaigns and also assist in brisk the efficiency and bringing some improvement in development. However, if a person utilizes SEO virtual assistant  properly, then it can be taken as the best thing in automation. It submits the most outstanding results for business development.

Getting SEO results manually is a time-consuming task and it needs a sheer investment of effort. It takes hours and hours to spent monitoring links and strategizing backlink analysis. To make their business a huge success, many enterprises are in search of tools that can automate their tasks with efficiency and reduce their efforts.

In the world of digital marketing, SEO automation is an intriguing and revolutionary development because of its hefty benefits. This development is huge and while introducing itself among SEO professionals like digital marketers, businesses and other agencies, they have instantly acknowledged its importance. Whereas, many superior quality SEO services are generally expensive and difficult to access as well since they are under the intense requirement of time commitment and technical expertise. All the newcomers, who recently got acquainted with SEO, find it a little difficult to understand the part that how much effort it takes to extract the actual results.

Fortunately, while saving an abundance of time and money, you can properly utilize SEO tools that can thoroughly assist and guide you to the journey to reach the top of the SERP. One of the benefits of virtual assistants is that it allows you to avoid mentally strenuous and monotonous tasks such as competitor monitoring, backlink analysis and rank tracking. To suffice all such requirements Work4you comes as a big time saviour to assist in all virtual straining tasks.

In the presence of a sheer quantity of automation tools out there, feeling overwhelmed is quite normal! Before you jot down some tools and select any specific one, there is a notion to be followed that all the tools have their speciality and they may strain on one specific task only. On the other hand, some tools are very comprehensive, so you need to examine this on priority what you are likely to achieve from that tool particularly.

When clients are firm about the outcome, they have in their mind they can extract maximum productivity from a single tool. There is a piece of advice that you all need to follow before choosing any tool that automation is purposely designed to assist you in some tasks, not taking over the entire project. Let’s check which are the most prior tools of SEO automation that can bring you success in digital marketing.

1. Botify

If you are looking for such an automation tool that provides you with a platform to generate revenue, revolutionize your organic search techniques, and substantiate unknown ROI to stakeholders. Fortunately, Botify winds up your search because it has established itself based on a track record in providing recognition to top brands while optimizing their website. The brands which have a long-time association with Botify are L’Oreal, The New York Times, Expedia and Marriot. These are the world-famous brands that are driving an endless number of visits and billions of dollars from just an organic search.

Now, there must be a thought striking to the mind that what is so different Botify is implementing which is attracting all huge enterprises? The answer is that Botify delivers organic search results through some unconventional techniques in two ways. The foremost method is a full-funnel, instead of the rankings-first approach it implements a URL-first approach. Rather than giving your complete dedication to metrics that came from crawlability to income, Botify emphasizes making things simple and easy to understand in terms of quantifying the direct influence of organic search.

Another way is to holistically leverage the web data. This data includes client’s data, competitor and SERP data, it has many advantages like it being very timely, accurate and having absolute relevance to the clients. Botify is such an enterprise-oriented SEO platform, which is using the client’s proprietary data. Later, incorporating the first-part data approach to determine the specific problems about the site to the clients.

Botify’s unusual unified data model collaborates four different types of information. All businesses require to transform their organic search into that platform which is efficient, the measurable source for traffic and revenue generation. While considering the best part of Botify, it is that kind of tool that initiated a commonly comprehensive search analytics platform. Its cloud-based crawler is the fastest and most powerful in the SEO automation market. Clients can take benefit of Botify for analyzing the architecture of the website in terms of SEO, searching and correcting indexing issues, recognizing highly trending keywords and many more, when there is an endless amount of data present at the client’s disposal.

2. Sitebulb

Another tool on the list is Sitebulb, this tool is not just a website crawler. It analyzes data from an SEO perspective and gives thorough guidance about the process of delivering actionable website audits to business clients. Sitebulb has been an award-winning software because it can crawl any website, any time, along with state-of-the-art crawling technology and JavaScript rendering.

However, people have made a comparison that Sitebulb and Screaming Frog are identical tools and work in the same way. Yes, it is true but in gobbling the market share of the company only. Although it is a great achievement, some of the tools which are quite popular, functional and versatile in Screaming Frog lacks in few key elements. Whereas, Sitebulb has identified and improved those tools and made a better version of all of them.

Sitebulb outstandingly creates a bridge to fill in the gap between desktop crawlers and enterprise crawl solutions. It can also explain some professional names in simple and understandable terms. In terms of resemblance with Spider Frog, Sitebulb has everything very easy and understandable, on the contrary, Spider Frog interface looks very intimidating which gets a little difficult for people to understand. The features which make Sitebulb one of the best in SEO automation are:

  • Cross-metric analysis
  • Scheduled/Queued crawling
  • Crawl data visualization
  • Outstanding crawl customizations
  • Cross-metric analysis
  • Project and audit organization
  • No-limit usage due to leveraging desktop resources
  • Amazing price point

This tool has many features and it is available at a very affordable price as compared to others.

3. Brightedge

Brightedge is a standardized SEO virtual assistant on a single source of truth to fulfil all the client’s reporting needs.  It has completely customizable and automated dashboards all across the digital marketing team and executive staff. The key features of Brightedge are to check the performance of content reporting in one place across clients’ sites, keywords, backlinks, traffic and conversion metrics, and find out competitors across search engines, devices, and geographies. Brightedge eliminates the guesswork from content performance. In addition to that, there are certain areas like difficulty in getting search volume, competitive landscape which is offering a customized and prioritized plan of attack measuring them to get improved. Brightedge provides analytics and recommendations for customers’ entire keyword footprint while automating the whole manual process of keyword optimization. It has surpassed all best practices to optimize keywords strategically which other tools don’t do.

4. Semrush

Semrush is such a tool, which is versatile with many helpful features you can utilize to automate daily routine SEO tasks and bring improvement to clients’ SEO campaign efforts. You can save ample time using this SEO marketing automation tool to search top keyword opportunities, track Google rankings, analyze competitor performance, and automate custom reports.

Semrush’s keyword magical tool is perfect for researching relevant Google keyword ideas. It monitors the end number of keyword rankings on Google’s search engine result pages with the help of its daily rank tracking updates. This is a program automated site that audits to scan your site for hundreds of potential SEO issues and errors. It gives timely suggestions and recommendations for content optimization.

It has been associated with many renowned brands like Samsung, P&G, Walmart, Decathlon, Tesla and Apple. This tool also helps monitor brand mentions while featuring in the brand campaigns all across the web in different parts of the country. The most common feature of Semrush is that it explores competitor domains and earn insight into their authority, organic traffic, keyword rankings, top traffic-generating keywords and web pages, and at last backlink profiles. It manages social media while tracking the profiles of multiple companies and getting detailed analytics for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Semrush offers local SEO tools to automate the invention and updating of business listings. Clients can also incorporate Google Business Profile, track and respond to reviews across multiple platforms. At last, Semrush has a collection of SEO reporting tools with options to automate sending PDF reports via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It can also pull data from other sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business.

5. Ahrefs

Some people consider that SE Ranking is a much better tool than Ahrefs, but this is not true. Most of the people have put SE Ranking on the top of their list in best automation tools, but it is not even in our list. The reason behind that is a comparison conducted between both the tools and the results were shocking. Where SE Ranking can provide you with only 7 billion keywords from the keywords database, Ahrefs has a database of over 20 million keywords. So, the difference is very evident.

Ahrefs can provide a complete breakdown of outbound links, which no other tool provides. Its content explorer let the clients discover and analyze top-performing content on each topic. One of the brand-new tools of Ahrefs is the rank tracker which can act as the best SEO virtual assistant for many businesses to improve their SEO campaign. Four exclusive pieces of information are available on the rank tracker dashboard of Ahrefs that is Competitors Tab, Pages Tab, Metrics Tab and Grossing Tab.

However, this tool provides more information than the other top-ranking tools in terms of digital marketing. To get exclusive services from us, please do contact us and let us wave off all the stress of your business administration.